About Audacious Autistics Team

Creating a safe space for queer, trans, non-binary neurodivergents.

Asiatu Lawoyin (they/them) is a black trans, ND interesectional coach and is the founder & host of the Audacious Autistics Podcast. Alongside Asiatu is, Jude Afolake Oludbodun (he/him) who is a black trans parent and is the Audacious Autistics Podcast, Co-host who is the Chief Decolonizing Officer of Neuroclastic & is also a neurodivergent abolitionist, educator in transformative justice and parental consent coach & Tereney McDowall (she/her) who a black autistic yoga teacher and is the founder of @Yoga.inblack and AAP's Class Co-host, and Angie Elena (they/them) who is a multiply disabled mixed Indige, visual & audio storyteller and is promotions creator and behind the scenes for the Audacious Autistics Podcast.